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The Plastic Factory by Ron Kolm — review by Mark McCawley

The Plastic Factory by Ron Kolm

"I try to remember in the course of my day-to-day life that there are people out there doing things that are not very healthy… I try to keep that in mind that there are people dying out there; that the very things that make our lives easier are making other people's lives worse… I use to have this whole equation that for every so called "plus" there was a "minus" ...


Bonny Finberg — in conversation with Mark McCawley

"Beginning Kali's Day @ Bhadgaon Guesthouse, Bhaktapur, Nepal, 1997", Copyright © 2013 Bonny Finberg

Mark McCawley: Any writer of transgressive, erotic, surreal writing is bound to be influenced in some fashion by the works and accomplishments of the late Kathy Acker. That said, how did it feel to win the 2014 Acker Award for Fiction (New York)? Bonny Finberg: While Acker’s influence is probably felt by a generation of writers who came of age in the ‘80s and 90s, there have been many who were ...


Beckett at Unnameable — Unbearables Reading at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday, October 11, 7:30pm (Hosted by Eve Packer)

Beckett at Unnameable

Unnameable Books is an independent bookstore located on Vanderbilt Ave, between Prospect Place and St. Marks Ave., in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Unnameable Books has been profiled as an example of a small New York bookstore that has survived while chains, internet sales, and rising real estate prices have driven more established New York independents out of business. It was depicted on the cover of the June 9th and 16th, ...


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                  I am writing this because my world is being made uninhabitable by assholes. I am standing still on a manhole cover that’s about to explode upward as the shoreline moves closer to my feet. I land in a city forty miles away and brush the ash from my shoulders, exhale the smoke that accompanied my rising, then breath new air into my lungs. I am walking into a restaurant where everyone is armed but me. I will eat my meal ...


Top Reasons Artists Should Move to Pittsburgh


See Original Article in 'Pop City' Art is happening here in a big way.In all corners of the city, artists of all genres are coming together and creating a buzz, finding an audience. I've seen great theater by contemporary playwrights here, have watched exciting performance art, and I frequent three art house movie theaters and a monthly showcase for emerging filmmakers. Local venues host literary readings several nights a week, featuring ...