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Flasher: A Memoir by Tsaurah Litzky — review by Mark McCawley

Cover of Flasher, by Tsaurah Litzky

Tsaurah Litzky's erotic memoir, Flasher, is a transgressive tour de force — a journey of personal transformation, self-examination and sensual self-discovery. The story of a one-time hippie love pirate, slum goddess, Ruby Tuesday of the 1960s who mutates into a blossoming writer on the Lower East Side art scenes in the 1990's. When Litzky meets a sculptor who designs fetish-wear at a New Years Day party, her life changes, becomes ...


A Review of “Drunken Angel’ by Alan Kaufman

Cover of Drunken Angel by Alan Kaufman

A Heartbreakingly Honest Story of Triumph Over Addiction Son of a French Holocaust survivor, Alan Kaufman drank to fill the huge hole in his heart, wrecking himself and everyone in his path. In Drunken Angel, the poet and critically acclaimed writer recounts with unvarnished honesty the story of the alcoholism that took him to the brink of death, the PTSD that drove him to the edge of madness, and the love that ...


Sarah Browning Splits This Rock


Sarah Browning, director of Split This Rock and DC Poets Against the War, blogs about the P&W–supported Split This Rock Festival in Washington, D.C. What is a poet to do? The world seems to be exploding around us: The earth is warming at an alarming rate; the right wing attacking the basic human rights of women, LGBT people, and people of color; the rich trying to buy elections; and so many ...


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                  I am writing this because my world is being made uninhabitable by assholes. I am standing still on a manhole cover that’s about to explode upward as the shoreline moves closer to my feet. I land in a city forty miles away and brush the ash from my shoulders, exhale the smoke that accompanied my rising, then breath new air into my lungs. I am walking into a restaurant where everyone is armed but me. I will eat my meal ...


Top Reasons Artists Should Move to Pittsburgh


See Original Article in 'Pop City' Art is happening here in a big way.In all corners of the city, artists of all genres are coming together and creating a buzz, finding an audience. I've seen great theater by contemporary playwrights here, have watched exciting performance art, and I frequent three art house movie theaters and a monthly showcase for emerging filmmakers. Local venues host literary readings several nights a week, featuring ...